Skylon Solutions is a RIPE NCC LIR available at your disposal. We provide IP space leasing, ASN sponsoring, consulting services and infrastructure solutions.

IPv6 PA Leasing

Larger subnets are available on demand and with a valid justification

Subnet Size Term Price
/48 1 year 49 GBP
/46-44 1 year 99 GBP
/44-40 1 year 199 GBP
Other LIR Services

We can also offer other, unlisted RIPE LIR services

Service Term Price
ASN sponsoring 1 year 99 GBP
PI sponsoring 1 year 50 GBP + RIPE fees
250k RIPE Atlas credits Complimentary


To get more information, don't hesitate to contact us at ripe(a.t)skylon.eu